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Pranic Healing




In ancient Chinese Medical Science, there are five levels of healing skills. The first and simplest of these healing levels is "tuina," or acupressure, in which the healer uses his hands to massage the body. At the second level, the healer uses herbs, minerals and sometimes animal products to heal. At the third level, which is more sophisticated and complex than the previous two levels, the healer employs acupuncture and moxibustion, which is placing a burning stick of moxa herbs in close proximity to the body. At the fourth level, the healer begins to actively manipulate the healing energy or "chi," of the patient by using acupuncture with the projection of chi through the needles into the meridians and internal organs. The fifth level, which requires the highest healing skill and the most extensive training, is the projection of chi energy without the use of needles or physical contact. The chi energy can be projected from close range or at a great distance -- even from one continent to another. In ancient China and India, the technique of projecting chi in the manner of a fifth level healer has been a closely guarded secret down through the ages, with the most hidden aspect being the ability to project chi without the healer getting drained of his own energy.

PRANIC HEALING is divided into different levels. In Level 1, the students learn the basics of the PRANIC HEALING system:

- how to absorb air prana or chi energy, and how to project it into their patients;

- how to sensitize their hands and how to "scan," or feel the energy body of the patient;

- how to clean, energize and stabilize the projected chi energy;

- how to release the projected energy, and how to cut the energy cord between themselves and the patient to prevent contamination; and

- how to make the patient more receptive in order to accelerate the healing process.

Other lessons include self-healing, divine healing, and distant healing, especially how to project prana or chi at a great distance.
The next three levels of PRANIC HEALING build on this base students learn in Level 1.

In Level 2, Advanced Pranic Healing, students are taught how to use more powerful color pranas to cleanse and energize the patient.

In Level 3, Pranic Psychotherapy, students are taught how to use color pranas on psychological ailments. Treating psychological ailments require more time and effort, and greater skill.

In Level 4, Pranic Crystal Healing, students are taught how to use crystals to more powerfully focus prana to the patient.